HIV Home Test Kit Locations

Contact us if you have any questions or would like assistance locating HIV resources on St. Croix:

Liberty Place Office:

HIV Outreach Coordinator:
Karmel Gravely

HIV Home Test Kits include:

  • 1 OraQuick HIV Home Test Kit
  • $5 MarketSTX Gift Certificate
  • Glide Lube
  • Condom Samples
  • “Ten Reasons to Use a Condom”
  • “Protect Yourself from HIV”
  • “PrEP & HIV Prevention”

Free $5 MarketSTX Gift Card

Neighborhood Pharmacy
MarketSTX – DRS Pharmacy
Plaza East – DRS Pharmacy
Mt. Welcome – Gallows Bay
Golden Rock
Diamond Pharmacy
The Medicine Shoppe
The Apotheek Pham
Back to Nature

Fill out this quick FHC Survey (Kit Number located on front top left of the Test Kit) and snap a picture of your submission. Then, come to any of our HIV Home Testing Kit Table Events and get an extra $10 Gift Certificate from MarketSTX! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!